Using two monitors in Windows 7

A Second Monitor

When using two monitors, you can move "windows" between screens. Your number one monitor acts like a normal screen. If you want to use the second monitor you need to drag the window to the next screen. Note the following:

  • If you move a program/window, like Excel, and drag it to the second screen, it will automatically open in the second screen next time you open it
  • The window you want to move cannot be maximised
  • Each monitor has its own resolution/display/size settings

To insert a second monitor

  • Insert the monitor into the second monitor port in the computer 
  • Right mouse click the Desktop and choose Screen Resolution
  • Select the monitor icon that you want to use as your main monitor
    (in this case number 2)
  • Click the Make this my main display check box (1)
    If this is already setup you will get a This is currently your main display notice in its place
  • Click OK to set the changes

PowerPoint 2010 Second Display

You can use this setup to run a slide show on the full screen of a secondary monitor while you view the presentation in normal view on the primary monitor. When using a laptop and data projector, this means the laptop (primary) has the normal view, including notes, and the screen (secondary) has the slide show running.

To setup this display in PowerPoint:

  • From the Slide Show, in the Monitors group, choose the following;
  • Make sure Use Presenters view is selected
  • In the Show On box, choose the monitor you want the Slide Show to appear 
    (Generally Monitor 2 is the screen).

Note: The computer second screen settings and PowerPoint settings may need to be reversed when finished.