Creating Links to multiple files in a folder

You can create a hyperlinked list of files in a specific folder into Excel (or Word).

For instance, you can make a Hyperlinked list that would be helpful in a resource list.

  • Open the folder, but don't open any of the files
  • Right-click inside of the "Address Bar" on the Window
  • Select Copy Address
  • Open your Browser (Internet Explorer)
  • Click inside of the "Address Bar" on the browser window (to select the contents)
  • Paste (Ctrl V) the folder address into the address bar
  • Press Enter and the list of files of the folder, appears in the window
  • Click inside the window and select the entire list (Ctrl A)
  • Select Copy (Ctrl C)
  • Open a blank Excel worksheet (or Word document) and Paste (Ctrl V) the list there. This list has all the links built in. You may need to resize the Columns or Rows.