Subscribing to E-Update (Western daily news)

E-Update keeps you informed of advertised University events, announcements and items of interest. E-Update is located on the 'News and Links' web page (under Current Staff on the Western Sydney U Home Page).

Why not add yourself to the E-Update list?

You will then be sent an E-Update Daily News email that lists the Daily News announcements. Items that interest you can be accessed by clicking directly on the email and being taken to that news item. This is easy to access and lists the announcement headings only, making it quick and simple for you to see the daily news items. You can also see the latest courses advertised at OD.

How to add yourself to the list

  • Go to E-Update OR from the Home page click on Current Staff' Enter Staff Id and Password
  • Along the right hand side is a heading 'E-Update news categories'
  • Select 'Daily News'
  • At the bottom of the page is the following message.

E-Update Daily News e-mail message... Enter your e-mail address: *

  • Enter your email address and select the option to be added to the list.

The Daily News will then be delivered to you, so you can browse through the headings and select the news that interests you.

Note: As with all subscribed lists there is an option for you to be able to remove yourself from the list.