Resetting the spell checker in Word

To run your spell checker in Word by either:

  • From the Review tab choose the Spelling and Grammar command.
  • Use the Keyboard shortcut F7

If you use Ignore Once or Ignore All, it will stop checking these "mistakes", however you may have inadvertently bypassed a misspelled word.

Next time you run the checker it will tell you that Spelling and Grammar check is complete, even if there is a misspelled word.

If you want to run spell check again correctly you need to bring up the Dialog box.

To do this;

  • Write a purposely wrong word like speel and run your spell checker
    Once the Spelling and Grammar dialog box is open,
  • Click the Options button
  • Under the When Correcting spelling ... area
  • click the Recheck Document button
  • You will get the message: This Operation Resets The Spelling Checker And Grammar Checker So That Word Will Recheck Words And Grammar You Previously Checked And Chose To Ignore. Do You Want To Continue?
  • Click Yes and then OK.