Modifying commands in Word

Here are some things you can do to customise Word to suit the way you work. You can;

  • Add or remove commands to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Add commands to a Ribbon 
  • Create Keyboard Shortcuts for the commands
  • Make a file permanent in the "Recent Documents" list

Quick Access Toolbar

To add a command to the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Click on the Customise Quick Access Toolbar button. This is the small arrow next to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Then do one of following:
    • From the list of preset commands displayed in the menu, click on the command you would like to add
    • Click on More Commands. The Word Options dialog box is displayed
      • From the Choose Commands From drop down list select the command category you want
      • Select the command you want in the list of commands.
      • Click the Add button and click OK

To add a command to the Quick Access Toolbar from the Ribbon

  • Locate the command on the Ribbon that you want to add to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Right click on the command and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar

Remove a command from the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Right click on the command in the Quick Access Toolbar and choose Remove from Quick Access Toolbar

Command Ribbon

To add a command to a Ribbon. (Word 2010)

To add a command to the ribbon you need to create a new group and then add the command to this group.

  • Right mouse click the Tab or anywhere
    in the Ribbon. Customize the ribbon
  • Choose Customise the Ribbon
  • Under the Customise the Ribbon group on the right, right mouse click Home and choose Add New Group and a new group appears below the
    other groups, probably called New
    Group (Custom)  
  • Right mouse click this new group and
    choose Rename New Group Custom
  • Give it a Display Name
  • Click OK and it changes in the list - make sure it is still selected
  • Under the Choose Command From group on the left, select a command.
  • Click the Add button and click OK

Check the Home ribbon and at the end a new group appears.

Using keyboard shortcuts

Many commands have shortcut keys assigned to them.  You can create shortcut keys for commands that don't have them or change the existing shortcut keys to suit the way you work.

To assign a shortcut key    

  • From the File tab, choose Options
  • In the left pane, choose Customise Ribbon
  • At the bottom of the window click on the Customise button next to Keyboard shortcuts
  • Click on a Category on the left side of the window
  • Click on a Command on the right side of the window (note it may already have a shortcut)
  • Click into the Press new shortcut key: box
  • Select your new shortcut for this command - e.g. Alt+F12  [Hold down the Alt key and press the F12 key]
  • Next to Save Changes In, choose the template you want this to be available for.  (Note, if you want it available for every document, choose Normal.dotm)
  • Click on the Assign button and choose Close

Pin a document to Recent Documents    

The trouble with "Recent Documents" is that it eventually falls off the list. You can permanently add a document to the list of Recent Documents.

  • Click on the File tab, click Recent (if not already selected.)
  • Click on the pin to the right of the required document. The pin changes shape. This document has now been pinned to the Recent Documents list and will remain in the list until it is unpinned.
  • Click on the pin to the right of the document to unpin the document.  (Note, the document is no longer permanently listed in the Recent Documents list.)