Modifying Footnote Text

By default your Footnote text is the same Style as your Normal style but with a smaller font size, usually 10pt. You can change the Footnote text to a different Font and/or size using its own Style (called Footnote Text), so it's just a matter of locating and modifying the style.

To locate the footnote Style;

The footnote Style probably won't appear in the Style Gallery on the Home tab, so you need to locate it in the Styles pane.

  • From the Home tab, in the Styles group (Style Gallery)
  • Click the Dialog box launcher icon (1) in the bottom right corner of the group (See diagram). A styles pane appears at the right of your screen. (2)
  • With the text in the Footnote selected, you should see the style (Footnote Text) highlighted (3) with a blue box around it.ƒ

To Modify the footnote Style;

There are a few ways to do this but this is the easiest.

  • Select the text in the Footnote and using the Home tab, choose your Font style and size. - You can also modify the spacing, colour and anything else you can do with text.
    When you have what you want;
    • Right mouse click the Footnote Text style ƒ
    • Choose Update Footnote Text to Match Selection from the list. The style will change and become the default but only in this document. Any existing and new footnotes will have this style as well.