Keyboard shortcuts in Word

Here are some keyboard shortcuts that may save you time.

There are many more listed in the document, Word Shortcut Keys.pdf in the Related Documents column on the right of this page.

  • F1 to bring up the 'Help' menu
  • F5 for the 'Go To' option (this shortcut will also allow you to access both the 'Find & Replace' and 'Find' functions (or Advanced Find in Word 2010)
  • F7 to access Spell Check
  • F12 for the 'Save As' function
  • Ctrl S to Save
  • Ctrl Z to Undo
  • Ctrl X to Cut, Ctrl + C to Copy, and Ctrl + V to Paste
  • Ctrl B when you wish to Bold, Ctrl + I to Italicise, and Ctrl + U to Underline
  • Ctrl N to create a new document.
  • Ctrl H for Find & Replace
  • Ctrl F for Find. Note in Word 2010 this opens a new Find option in the navigation pane.