Moving paragraphs in Word

If you want to move a paragraph you can always use the 'Cut/Copy & Paste' option, but there is a quicker option as well:

Option 1: Shift, Alt Arrow

  • Click inside the paragraph
  • Hold the Shift & Alt keys down and use the Up or Down arrows to move the paragraph further up or further down on the page. This works for rows in tables too. 

Option 2: Drag

  • Select the paragraph
  • Click and hold inside the selection
  • Drag it to the new position
      A small bar shows you where the text will be inserted

Option 3: Using Outline

  • From the View menu, in the Document Views group, choose Outline.
    This puts your document in Outline view. Each Paragraph has a "marker" in front of it.
  • Click hold and drag the marker to a new position. A line will appear.
  • Release the mouse and the paragraph will drop in where the line is.