Date Correction in Word Mail Merge

Sometimes in a Word Mail Merge the dates do not come out as Day/Month/Year regardless of how you enter it in your data (usually an Excel spreadsheet).

To fix this you need a workaround in Word. Essentially you need to add a code to tell Word what format you want it to show.

To add a code to a field;

  • Right mouse click the field (1) and choose Toggle Field Codes to see the field code (Meregefield) (2)
  • Add the code \@ "d/MM/yyyy" directly after the field name See diagram (3);
  • Repeat for other date fields.
  • Preview your Mail Merge

There are other variations using the combinations;

   d=day M=month* and y=year    (*lower case m is for minute)

Here are a few examples;

dd/MM/yy returns 01/04/14

d MMM yy returns 1 Apr 14

dd MMMM yyyy returns 01 April 2014