Changing the highlight colour in Word

Have you ever wanted to change all of the highlighting in a document to a different colour? Normally you would need to individually select each highlighted text and re-do the colour, however you can do it with the Find and Replace command.

To Replace the Highlight;

  1. First choose the new Text Highlight Colour that you want to change to
    (Home ribbon / Font group / Text Highlight Colour)
  2. Open the Find and Replace dialog (Ctrl H) and click the More button.
  3. Click in the Find What box
  4. Click the Format button (If you can't see it, click on the More button)
  5. Select Highlight
  6. Click inside the Replace With box
  7. Click the Format button
  8. Select Highlight again
  9. Click the Replace All button and Word will replace all your highlighting.

To Remove the Highlight;

Do one of the following;

Using Find & Replace;

  • Follow the steps above,  but after point 6 click the select No Formatting button.

Not using Find & Replace;

  • Use Select All on the document (Ctrl A)
  • Click the arrow next to the Text Highlight Colour
  • Select No Colour.