Symbol shortcut

Want a quick way of inserting your favourite "symbol"

  • From the Insert tab, in the Symbols group,
  • Choose Symbol and More Symbols. The Insert Symbol dialog box appears.

  • Locate and select the Symbol you want (1). In this example the Ying Yang symbol.

Do one of the following;

Auto Correct.

  • Click the Auto Correct button (2)
  • In the Replace box, type the word you want to type for the symbol to appear. It should be a word you do not typically type, but one that you will remember, something like yy (for Ying Yang).
  • Click the Add button, click OK and Close. You are good to go.

To use; simply type yy and the space bar.

Keyboard Shortcut.

  • Click the Keyboard Shortcut button (3)
     You cursor should appear in the Press new shortcut key: box (4).
  • Enter any keyboard combination.
    e.g. Hold the Ctrl key and press Y
    Note1:  Ctrl+Y appears in the box. (4)
    Note2:  If this combination is already assigned it will tell you (5)….
    You can over-ride this with your new one or you can erase the shortcut (5)… and choose another combination.  
  • Choose Assign
  • Choose Close

To use; simply use the Keyboard combination Ctrl Y