Inserting a Field into a Header or Footer in Word

You can insert a "field" into a Header or Footer to automate your document. The following example shows you how to insert a document name (and path) into a Footer.

To insert a field

  • From the Header and Footer tools - Design tab, in the Insert group
  • Choose the Quick Parts command and select a Field... The Field dialogue box will open (see image below)

The Field dialogue box in Word 2007

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Following are two examples using the Field dialogue box

1) To insert a document name and path

  • Under Categories select Document Information
  • Under Field Names select File Name
  • If you want to add the path, click the Add Path to File Name check box (on the right side)
  • Click OK
  • If your document is saved, you should have the path and file name inserted

2) To insert a date

  • Under Categories select Date
  • Choose a style and click OK

To update the link

  • Select the link in the footer and a popup balloon appears (see image below) 

Popup balloon for Footers in Word 2007

Do one of the following;

  • Click the Update balloon.
  • Right mouse click the field and choose Update Field   Press F9 (Keyboard shortcut)

To save in the Footer Gallery

  • If you want to add this footer to the Gallery
  • Select the link in the footer
  • From the Insert tab and click Footer
  • Choose Save Selection to Footer Gallery (at the bottom) A dialogue box will open
  • Type in a name and click OK. Your gallery name will appear at the bottom of the Footer drop-down list. You can use this next time you want to install this field in a footer
  • When you exit Word you may be prompted to save changes to building blocks
  • Click YES

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