Creating a Header or Hooter in Word

To add a Header and/or Footer first you need to open them. You need to be in Print Layout view to use this effectively.

To open a Footer (or Header) 

Do one of the following:

  • From the Insert menu, in the Header & Footer group, choose the Footer (or Header) command.
    • The Footer gallery opens, choose Blank from the list. The Footer will now open and a Header and Footer ribbon appears as the last tab.
  • Double click at the very bottom (or top) of the page.

Example of a Header and Footer in Word 2007


  • In Print Layout view, the Header or Footer appears as a separate area.
  • While you are in the Header or Footer area, you have an additional ribbon called Header & Footer Tools - Design (see image below). This gives you access to more specific commands.

Example of the Design tab in Word 2007

  • To move from the Footer to the Header, simply click in the other area.