Inserting a YouTube video in PowerPoint.

There are several ways to insert a YouTube video in your presentation. To test these movies you will need to run PowerPoint in Slide Show.

The first two methods require the user to find the clip in YouTube and select and copy its address.


The easiest way is to simply create a Hyperlink. Note: This will open YouTube in a separate browser.

  • Select the text you want to insert the link to
  • Right mouse click the text and choose Hyperlink (Ctrl K)
  • In the Address box (at the bottom), paste the address
  • Click OK

Alternatively, you can also use Hyperlink on a Picture or Clip Art.

Install a Shockwave player

You can install a Shockwave player into PowerPoint to play movies on demand.

  • You may need to change the slide to a "Blank" layout
  • Make sure the Developer tab is inserted in PowerPoint
  • From the Developer tab, in the Controls group
  • Choose the More Controls command
  • From the list, select the Shockwave Flash Object and choose OK
  • Draw a box about the size you want to display. It will have a cross from corner to corner
  • Right mouse click the "cross" and choose Properties
  • In the Movie box, Paste the address
    You need to modify the address so it plays in PowerPoint
  • Remove the part of the address " /watch?v= " and replace it with " /v/ "

So this:

becomes this:

Importing a Movie

You can download a movie clip from YouTube but you will need software to download it for you. Most browsers have add-ons that will download from YouTube. You need to store this file where your PowerPoint presentation is stored.
Then you can import (link to) the movie.

  • From the Insert ribbon, in the Media clips area
  • Choose Movies and Movie from File
  • Locate your file and click OK
  • Choose When Clicked (or Automatically).