Using Animated Picture Backgrounds in PowerPoint

You can animate pictures in PowerPoint background. This example shows you how to fade in and move a picture on the background of a slide.

To insert the picture;

  • Add a new slide for the animated background
  • Right mouse click the shape and select Format Shape
  • Make sure Fill is selected in the Navigation pane
  • Select Picture or texture fill
  • Click the File button
  • Locate and Insert an image
  • Drag the image off the slide (See diagram)

Inserting a picture

To animate the picture

  • Make sure the picture is selected
  • From the Animations ribbon, in the Animations group, choose Custom Animation to open the Task Pane.
  • In the Task Pane click the Add Effect button (1)
  • Choose Motion Paths and Left
  • Set the Start to With Previous so that it starts when the slide is opened
  • Custom Animation task pane

At this stage you should see a "bar" (2) in the Task Pane. The bar is probably called Picture 1 with a "0" preceding it.
  The picture itself has a red directional arrow (3);

  • Move the arrow to the centre of the page
  • Click Play (at the bottom of the Task pane) to see the effect

Animating a picture

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