Microsoft Outlook web access (basics)

If you can get to your Outlook program you can use the Outlook Web Access mail package to access your mail, through a browser, anywhere in the world.

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To Start your email

  • Open a browser (Internet Explorer)
  • In the browser Address bar type; and press Enter
  • The Outlook Web Access window will appear.
  • Enter your User name and Password
  • Click Log On.

Microsoft Outlook login screen

To receive an email                                                                  ^ Back to top

  • Make sure you are in the Inbox
  • Your existing messages and any new messages should appear here. If you want to check for new mail, click the Check for new Messages button.

Check for new messages button

To open an email

  • To open an email, simply double click anywhere on the message.

To open an attachment

Because you are using a browser the attachment may open in the browser which may make it hard to do anything with. (A better option may be to save it first - see below)

  • To open an attachment, make sure the email is open.
  • Click the attachment name (which is a link) and it will open.
  • If another Window appears, click the Open button.

Example of an attachment

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To save an attachment

If you save an attachment you can open it later from the folder you saved it into.

  • Make sure the email is open.
  • Right mouse click the attachment name (which is a link)

Right click on the attachment

  • Choose Save Target As and a window will open.

Choose the Save Target As option

  • Locate the folder you want to save it in and click Save.
  • If another Window appears, you can either
    • Click the Open button to open the file OR
    • Click Close and open the file later

To Reply to an email

  • With the email open click the Reply button*. (This puts the senders address in the To… box.)
  • Enter your message reply.
  • Click Send.

* The Reply button will send it only to person who originated the email. 
   The Reply to All will send it to everyone listed in the To… and CC… boxes.

To Create and Send an email

  • Go to your Inbox.
  • Click the New button and a new message window will open. IMAGE

The New Message button

  • In the box next to the To button (1) enter the email address. **
  • Enter a relevant Subject (2)
  • Type your message in the message area (3)
  • Add any attachments you may want to send **
  • When you have finished, click Send (4)

Your view when writing an email

** Notes:

  • If you aren’t sure of the persons address and they work at UWS, go to the How to find names page.
  • If you want to attach a file to the message see the Attachments page.

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