Adding attachments in Microsoft Outlook

You can attach a file that will go with the email. Attached files can be any type of file, E.g. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Photos etc.

To attach a file

After you address and type your message;

  • click the Attachment button (below the Subject) and the Attachments window will open

Attachments button

  • click the Browse button (1) and another window opens
  • locate the file you want to attach
  • Select it and click Open
  • click the Attach button. (2) And the file will appear in the Current file attachments list. (3)
  • if you want to attach more files, repeat steps 1 to 4 again.
  • when you have all the files, click Close. (4)

Attachments screen

  • this will return you to your email and the attachments will appear next to the Attachments: button.

Successfully added attachments