Emails Servers and Protocols

When you set up e-mail account in a mail package, such as Outlook you will be asked for the protocol of each server. 

Here is a quick explanation on the servers and the different protocols.


There are generally two servers that ISPs work with, incoming email servers and outgoing email servers. They serve a different purpose for ISPs to make your emails work more efficiently. Each server has an address, generally the same, supplied by your ISP.
They can also use different protocols (See following)


There are three protocols for the servers; 

POP3 – Post Office Protocol 3

This Server stores your incoming messages on the server until you use an e-mail client like Outlook to download them to your computer. Those messages are then generally deleted from the server. You can only access those message on the computer where you've downloaded them.

IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol

This Server lets you access your e-mail without downloading it to a computer. You can read, edit or delete the messages on the server. The messages will remain on the server until you choose to delete them. This way, you can access your e-mail from other computers or mobile devices.

STMP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

This server is only for outgoing e-mail. You can use it with a POP3 or IMAP sever.

If you see a STMP error, it is referring to outgoing e-mail.