Creating dummy email accounts to reduce spam

There are plenty of sites you visit where you need to enter your email address to browse or be provided with a service. Unfortunately you don’t know who will end up with this address and if it will be put on every spam database in the world.

The Mailinator™ website has free email addresses you can use. It is different in the way it works but very useful. If you join, (you do not need to give any details or even be on their Web site to join) you can use this email address whenever you like. It holds incoming mail for a short period of time and then discards them. You can check the site to see any incoming mail but that’s all you can do. It is not private and anyone can guess your login (there is no password) and check your mail. If you choose a login name that already exists it will let you use it. That means if/when you check the incoming mail you see everyone’s mail that is using that name. You can’t use it like a normal email by creating and storing emails, it’s just there for incoming email.

Check out the Mailinator introduction (opens in a new window) and the Mailinator FAQ’s (opens in a new window).