Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

The following are some of the most obvious keyboard shortcuts that may save you time:
For a full list in a diagram format, see the Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts.pdf on the side panel.
For a full list of Tool shortcuts, see the Photoshop letters to display Tools.pdf on the side panel.

  • Ctrl N  to open up a new blank Image
  • Ctrl O  to open an existing Image
  • Ctrl S   to save your Image
  • Ctrl A   to select the whole image (All)
  • Ctrl C   Copy
  • Ctrl X   Cut
  • Ctrl V   Paste
  • Ctrl Z   Undo or Redo the last action (See following)
  • Ctrl Alt Z        Step Back (Undo more than one action)
  • Ctrl Shift Z      Step Forward (Redo more than one action)
  • Ctrl W  to close the Image showing (but not the program)
  • Ctrl Q  to close the program (Quit)
  • Tab     To close (or open) the Toolbars and palettes to see more screen.
  • Ctrl Tab         to move to the next open image (Tabs)

And finally

  • Ctrl Alt Shift K To see a list of all the Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts.


Holding down a key, temporarily activates a tool. Releasing the key, returns to the previous tool. 

Tool icons that have multiple tools, press the same shortcut again to toggle through the group.
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