Finding images

There are many ways of getting images to store and use on your computer, including:


Using a Digital Camera

There are many digital cameras available now that allow you to take pictures and put them into the computer without any development. Digital cameras store pictures digitally in the camera instead of using a film. The quality of digital pictures is still not as good as film but every generation of cameras brings better results.

Transferring Images
When you want to transfer the pictures into the computer, you can use the camera software to remove and process the images. This is done via a cable or in some cases a cradle/dock.

Alternately you can get a card reader. There are single card readers (for specific cards) and multiple card readers (usually called something like an “12 in 1” card reader). These devices plug into a USB port and the card/s plug into it.

For portability there are portable Hard Drive devices around that specialise in reading a variety of cards and storing the pictures. You can then download it to a computer later on. ( The X-drive Pro shown can read 8 card types).

Reproducing Pictures
The pictures taken with a digital camera can be stored and viewed on your computer. These pictures have a very good quality (that is they look good on a screen), can be copied very easily, can be shared, can be emailed (as an attachment) and will last forever. Unfortunately printing these pictures on normal paper with a coloured printer does not produce a good picture. You could invest in a high quality printer that uses high quality ink and paper or most “picture” people like Kodak, will take your picture files, either by disk, CD or even email and reproduce them for you. Department stores like Big W and Harvey Norman now offer the same service in house.

Obtaining Images from a Web page

You can copy Images you see on any Web page. To do this:

  • right mouse click the Image.
  • choose Save Image As.

Warning: The same copyright rules apply to a website as they do to a book; that is you must get the author’s permission to use them.


Scanning is the process of creating a digital image from a paper document. Scanners come in a variety of configurations. The type you get depends on both your scanning needs and your budget. The most popular “type” is the Flatbed scanner.

Flatbed scanners
This scanner provides a flat glass surface onto which the original is placed. The illumination and sensing elements move under the glass to scan the image. Flatbed scanners are available in a wide range of sizes, prices, and capabilities. Some flatbeds offer a “Slide” scanning adapter as an option.

Scanned Images
Scanned images can be delivered to a number of applications such as a Paint Shop Pro or you can save them as a file.

To use PSP directly from the scanner:

  • from the File menu, choose Import and then Twain Acquire.

Further information can be found within the How To section: How to use a scanner

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