Create a Photoshop pattern from an image

If you want to create your own background around an image, you need to create a pattern first and paint it on. This is just one variation of how you can do it.

To create a pattern from an image

  • Open an image in Photoshop
  • Crop the part of the image you want as a background
    • Open the Crop tool
    • Use the sizing handles on the image to get the size/part required
    • Press Enter on the keyboard
      This will be your pattern
  • You may need to re-size it and select bi-cubic re-sample. If so…
    • From the Image menu choose Image Size
  • From the Edit menu choose Define pattern
  • Give you pattern a name
  • Click OK and this will be included in your default patterns
  • Close the image but no need to save

To apply the image

You can open your image and put a "border" around it to hold the background pattern.

  • Open your image in Photoshop
  • From the Image menu, choose Canvas Size
  • Under Anchor, click the centre dot. This makes the canvas expand from the middle making an even border around your image
  • Increase the Width and Height about 3-5 cm (or whatever size you want the border)

To apply the pattern

  • Open the Paint Bucket tool
  • In Tools Options, choose Pattern (It probably says Foreground)
  • Beside this box ‚, choose your pattern from the list
  • Click on the border/background that you can see around your picture to paint it with the pattern