Watermarks in Excel

Excel has no Watermark option but you can do it by using WordArt or using an image for the Background.

Using WordArt

  • Click on the worksheet where you want to display the watermark
  • From the Insert tab, in the Text group, choose  WordArt
  • Click the WordArt style that you want to use
  • Type the text that you want to use for the watermark
  • To change the size of the WordArt
    • Right-click the WordArt
    • On the shortcut menu, click Font , and then enter a new number in the Size box
  • To add transparency so that you can see more of the worksheet data underneath the WordArt
    • Right mouse click the WordArt 
    • Choose Format Text Effects
    • In the Text Fill category, make sure Solid Fill is selected. You can select a fill colour 
    • Drag the Transparency slider to the percentage of transparency that you want
  • To rotate the WordArt, select it, and then drag the rotation handle to turn the WordArt


Using an image

To create the "Text" picture

  • Open GIMP (or any other Paint Program) Watermark
  • Open a new image, size 500x500
    with a white background
  • Open the Text tool and create a
    text in light grey
  • Tilt the text to make it 45°
  • Save as a .jpg file.

To create the Background

  • Open Excel
  • From the Page Layout ribbon, in the Page Setup group,
    choose Background
  • Locate and select your picture for the background.
  • Click Insert.