Using the Clipboard

Using the Clipboard.

Everytime you Copy or Cut anything, it is stored in the Clipboard a piece of memory in Office.

The clipboard sits in the background in the later versions of Word and Excel.

You can open it and use your previous copies and cuts. In excel this means you can access any formulas you have copied making it easier than re-creating them. To use this feature, create a formula and copy it. You do not have to use it at the time.

To open the Clipboard;

From the Home tab, in the Clipboard group,

Choose the "Dialog box laucher icon". See Figure 1

This will open the clipboard in a pane on the left of your window. See Figure 2

The previous data that was copied or cut will appear here.

To use the previous copies

Put your curser where you want to insert the "copy" item.

In the Clipboard pane, click on the item you want inserted.

Clipboard pane shortcut.

The Clipboard Pane shortcut was standard on earlier versions of Office, but now it must be turned on.

To turn on the Clipboard pane shortcut

Make sure your Clipboard pane is open.

Click the Options button at the bottom of the pane. See Figure 3

Choose: Show Office Clipboard when Ctrl+C Pressed twice.

This means you can simple press Ctrl C twice, anytime you want the Clipboard pane open.

Whatever you have selected at the time will also be copied (Ctrl C)