Merge, crop and print a PDF

These notes are in the form of an Example. The files you need appear at the right.

In this example the original documents are an A4 size but the text only takes up half the page (A5). These notes shows how to merge documents, crop, and print multiple pages on one sheet to make the document smaller and more manageable.


  • Make sure you have both .pdf documents; Recipes and Recipe cover.
  • Open Recipe cover.pdf This file only has a title page.
  • Click the Page Thumbnails icon (1) (in the Navigation Pane) to show the pages.
  • Make sure you can see the folder that holds the .pdf documents.
  • Drag the file Recipies.pdf to the navigation pane, under the title page. A Line appears to show you where it will be inserted. You should now have a .pdf of 6 pages.
  • Make sure the title page is selected.

Merge diagram 


  • From the Tools menu, open Pages and select Crop. (2)
  • Move your cursor (A cross hair) to the top left corner of the page. (3)l (See following diagram)
  • Click hold and drag to the bottom right of the diagram, just below the green line. (4) This will select the area to crop.
  • Double click inside this selected area to open the Set Page dialog box.
  • Change Units: to Centimeters.
  • Use these measurements to cut.Top = 0  Bottom = 14.8  Left = 0  Right = 0
  • Click OK and you page will be cropped.
  • Crop the other 5 pages using the same method.
  • Crop diagram

  • Save
  • Use Save As to save the document as Recipe Book


You can print more than one .pdf page to an A4 sized page.

  • From the File menu, choose Print (or you can choose Adobe PDF to create a new .pdf in this new format.)
  • In the Name: box, choose your Printer.
  • In the Paper scaling: box, choose Multiple pages per sheet.
  • In the Pages per sheet: choose, Custom and 1 by 2. (Note, these settings will remain so need to be changed next time you print)
  • If a printer is connected, choose OK to print.