Copying a disc in Image Burn

Copying a disk is a two stage process. First you copy the contents to a file on your computer, then write it to a blank disk.

Copying the Disc

  1. Open Image Burn and insert the source disc in the drive.

    Image Burn

  2. Click the Create image file from disc button on the Ez-Mode Picker screen and a dialog box will open

    Create Image File From Disc button

  3. In the Source box, your CD/DVD Drive should appear by default. If not Browse for the drive
  4. Under Destination, click the Browse icon
  5. Create name and select a location for the destination image file and click Save (Or just accept the default)
  6. Click the Read button. Image Burn will copy the files from your CD/DVD. This may take a while

    Loading icon

  7. Close window when finished
  8. Remove the CD/DVD
  9. Insert blank CD/DVD

Burn the Disc

  1. Click the Write image file to disc button on the Ez-Mode Picker screen. A dialog box will open.

    Write Image File To Disc button

  2. In the Source area, click the Browse button.

    Browse icon

  3. Locate the file you just created. If you created the image with Image Burn, you should be looking for an .iso file (or maybe a *.cue / *.mds file)
  4. Click the Write button. Image Burn will copy the files from your file to your CD/DVD. Again this may take a while and if Verify is selected it will take even longer

    Loading icon

  5. Close window when finished
  6. Remove the CD/DVD

If you want to burn the same CD/DVD again, insert a new blank CD/DVD and repeat the Burn process again. Your computer should still have the original copied file.

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