Burning Music files to a CD

Copying music (MP3) to a Disc using Image Burn

If you have an older CD player, they will not play music files such as .mp3.
The music files (MP3 etc) first need to create a CUE file. You then burn the cue file to the CD.
These notes show you how to do both at the same time.

  • First you need to open ImgBurn. The Ez-Mode Picker window opens. (This is like an menu of icons). If you don't see the Ez-Mode Picker do the following.
    • From the Mode menu, choose  Ez-Mode Picker. (or use Ctrl Shift P)

To create a CUE file;

  • From the Mode menu, choose Write ƒ (or use Ctrl Shift W)
  • From the Tools menu, choose Create CUE File... button and the dialog box opens.

You need to add the file/s you want converted to the large box, under Disc


  • To add file/s do one of the following;
    • Drag the file/s to the box.
    • Click the Insert Icon. (4) „
    • Right mouse click the box and choose Add.  (5)
    • Click the Insert (Ins) button on the Keyboard.
  • When all the file/s are listed click OK and a Save As box opens.
  • Give the CUE file a name and a location to store it.
  • You will get a notification when complete. Click OK.

To Burn the Disk

  • You can now burn the CUE file to the disk.
  • From the Mode menu, choose  Ez-Mode Picker ‚(or use Ctrl Shift P)
  • Click the Write Image file to disc button and the write window will open.
  • In the write dialog box, click the Write Image file to disc button and the Browse window will open.
  • Locate and select your CUE file and click Open.

Note: if ImgBurn considers your CD is not blank it asks you to erase it. Note this will completely erase everything on the CD.

  • Click Yes to erase. (or insert a new blank CD.)
  • ImgBurn will erase the disk and the write your file to the CD.
  • You will get a verification window. Click OK.


  • If you select Verify the disk will eject and the close. ImgBurn will check the Burn.
  • If you select Eject Tray the CD will eject when finished.