Sound and movie formats

With Sounds and Movies becoming easier to use the following is a short list of the most popular sound and movie formats.

Sound Files

  • AIF - Audio Interchange Format; sound file common on Apple Macs
  • AU - Audio file; one of the pioneer sound formats
  • MID - abbreviated MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface sound format
  • MP3 - MPEG audio stream, layer III; high compressed audio files generally used to record audio tracks and store them in a decent sized file available for playback. See our MP3 page for additional information
  • WAV - Waveform; a digital sound file for Windows; works with Media Player and Sound Recorder
  • RA, RAM - Real Audio format
  • RM - Real Media.

Movie Files

  • AVI - Microsoft's Audio Video Interleaved; movie/video format with sound track; accessible through Window's Media Player
  • MOV - QuickTime movie file; video format that originated on Apple's Macintosh computers; now in Windows too
  • MPG/MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group; movie format that is highly compressed
  • QT - QuickTime movie files
  • QTW - QuickTime for Windows format movie files.

A Movie Alternative

  • GIF - Animated Gif (Graphics Interchange Format) graphics and pictures in a compressed format often used on the World Wide Web; developed by CompuServe using compression technologies from Unisys; displays up to 256 colours.