Scanning multiple documents

Scanning Multiple Single Paged Files (and TRIM)


Scanning multiple documents or pages can be time consuming.
You can scan them all at once and then TRIM them into individual files.

To Scan multiple pages individually:

  • Load the documents you wish to scan into the photocopier (try not to do more than 10 documents per scan)
  • Select Email
  • Press your individual scan number or enter your email address.
  • Choose Email options then File Format then Single File for Each Page
  • Press  Start

Your documents will be scanned into one email but as individual attachments.

Note: To do more than one bulk scan, you will need to repeat the above steps as the photocopier will revert back to the defaults.


After scanning:

  • Open the email
  • Select Add Ins and then Catalogue Attachments Only
  • Select: UWS Document and OK

Trim email

  • Enter all the relevant details as per usual into the TRIM record and press OK.  
  • After going through the usual process of spell check etc, the next document will appear ready toTRIM.