Set up a laptop and data projector

Connecting the Data Projector

For presentations most people use PowerPoint from a Laptop in conjunction with a Data Projector. To set up the projector you simply need to connect the “Signal” cable between the laptop and data projector.

Note both ends of the cable are blue and identical with a 15 pin male plug. Both connectors (laptop and data projector) are identical with a 15 pin female socket.

Laptop signal cable                                   Data projector signal cable


The connectors shown above are connected to the male socket on the laptop and data projector  

Male socket

After this step the Laptop should automatically recognise the data projector and set itself up accordingly. Unfortunately, sometimes this may not be the case so you need to do it manually.

Setting up the Data projector

  • Right mouse click the Desktop and choose Personalise
  • Click the Connect to a projector... link to bring up the Windows Mobility Centre

Connect to a projector screen

  • In the External Display section, click the Connect Display button to bring up the Display Detected dialog box

Connect display button

  • Select the Duplicate my Desktop... option button

Duplicate my desktop button

Note: Laptops do not require a second screen to show the data projector. Even PowerPoint’s Presenter View does not require a second screen

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