Professional Staff Mentoring Program

An alliance of two people creates a space for dialogue that results in reflection, action and learning for both. (Rolfe-Flett, 2002)

Mentoring is an important aspect of career and professional development and contributes to building a culture of collaborative learning and development. Professional staff  have the unique opportunity to broaden their knowledge and increase their confidence and capabilities through the support of an experience senior staff member.

Mentees are nominated by their Directors, Managers or Deans, and are matched with a Mentor by a panel, based on information provided on the application form including career goals and aspirations, areas of interest and expertise, and career and professional development needs.

The Program is endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor and Senior Executive and is fully funded by the University and coordinated by Organisational Development.

Program Objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity to broaden, share knowledge and develop self-awareness;
  • Foster big picture thinking beyond the team, campus and department;
  • Cultivate professional staff networks that support a staff with a 'can do' attitude;
  • Build a high-performing, competent and collegial workforce to achieve the University's goals.

The Program Involves:

A series of face-to-face workshops and drop-in online sessions, as well as regular meetings between mentor and mentee, access to online resources and support from the Organisational Development team. The dates for the 2024 program face-to-face and online sessions are:

  • Half day introductory workshop - 12 March
  • Drop-in online session - 1 May
  • Mid-point workshop - 3 July
  • Drop-in online session - 4 September
  • Final workshop and graduation ceremony - 14 November

Applications closed Monday 29 January

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For further information:

Please contact Leena Awawdeh, Learning and Development Specialist,  Organisational Development, Office of People