Inspire Leadership Program

Blending "the inner work of intense personal development and 

the outer work of leadership in action" (Brown 2001)

The Inspire Leadership Program is designed to develop and enhance the leadership skills and capabilities of our Academic and Professional managers and leaders to influence, motivate and inspire others.

This blended learning program applies theory to practice, and explores the principles and models of leadership relevant to academic and higher education settings. The program includes highly relevant and informative content and activities delivered through participative workshops, a 360 degree feedback on leadership roles, access to online learning resources, peer mentoring, guest speakers, completion of a reflective learning journal and an action learning project on leadership.

The Inspire Leadership Program is endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor and Executive and is funded by the University through Organisational Development. The Program supports the University's commitment to value, recognise and develop staff.

Participants who successfully complete the Inspire Leadership Program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

"Allowing people the opportunity to enhance their self-confidence and self-awareness is a key to their success as a leader. Being a part of the Inspire Leadership Program gave me that desire, ability and skills to become a leader who can energise, excite, and inspire others. The Inspire Leadership Program challenged, empowered, rewarded and mentored those who participated.  It continually encourages me to share my vision and drives my passion every day."  [Leanne Potts, School of Medicine]

Background to the Program

The Inspire Leadership Program is a comprehensive program for Academic and Professional managers and leaders.  The program originated from materials developed as an outcome of the work of Professor Tricia Vilkinas, School of Management, UniSA and an ALTC project on Academic Leadership Development.

About the Program

The Inspire Leadership Program will support you in your development as a leader and in acquiring the capabilities, skills and knowledge needed in your leadership role. This program builds on contemporary research and models of leadership and specifically focuses on applications in the Higher Education setting. It utilises critical reflection as a strategy that fosters deep learning and developing personalised action plans that, together with the other elements of this comprehensive program, will strengthen your professional competence and confidence as a Leader.

The Program's broad aim is to enhance the leadership and management capabilities of staff in leadership roles to learn from contemporary evidence-based leadership models and practices, and to inspire and motivate others to achieve their aspirations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop your leadership capability
  • Further improve working relationships
  • Increase self-awareness of capabilities, strengths and areas for development
  • Apply a leadership framework (ICVF) to your role
  • Develop and implement an action learning leadership project
  • Identify resources to support you in undertaking your role.

During the Inspire Leadership Program you will participate in five one day workshops, with an opportunity to engage with guest speakers and monthly peer mentoring sessions.

The program will explore the results of your 360 degree feedback survey and application of the Integrated Competing Values Framework (ICVF) (PDF, 49.43 KB) (opens in a new window) to leadership in a Higher Education setting. You will transfer your learning to an action learning project in leadership, access online learning resources and write a reflection learning journal. The program provides a balance between leadership development and opportunities to examine leadership and academic practice.

Program Topics

  • Integrating leadership roles and behaviours
  • Coaching conversations: an effective tool for performance feedback
  • Inspirational leadership: developing, motivating and empowering others
  • Modelling ethical and values-based leadership
  • Negotiating change through strategic communication and influencing others
  • Fostering an innovative culture
  • Inspiring the self: balancing work, career and life.

Benefits for Participants

Using a blended learning approach, the program provides participants with:

  • Practice-based leadership models and frameworks
  • Resource manual and handouts focusing on Academic/Professional leadership roles
  • Networking and mentoring with colleagues from across the University
  • Opportunities to hear from members of the Executive and Senior Staff
  • Access to online learning resources
  • A Certificate of Completion upon meeting the requirements of the program.

Selection Criteria

Applicants should:

  • Currently supervising staff as a requirement of their role
  • Have completed or will undertake to complete the mandatory training for supervisors (core modules in the Critical Management Conversations (opens in a new window) Program, previously known as  Foundational Leadership and Management Program)
  • Make a commitment to actively participate in the full Inspire Leadership Program including 5 one-day workshops, completion of the assigned online modules, 360 degree feedback, peer mentoring and undertake an action learning project on leadership
  • Have support and approval from their Manager/Supervisor to participate in the program