Education Support Allowance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to obtain assistance to pay my study expenses?

The University will provide an education support allowance to professional and academic staff members undertaking 'approved formal award courses'.
Study support is available to all full time or part time staff or employees who have completed a minimum of the equivalent of 12 months full-time continuous service and who have satisfactorily completed the performance planning and development process.

What are approved formal award courses?

'Approved formal award courses' are programs which are related to the staff member's current job or career progression and have significant value both to the individual and to the University.
'Approved study' generally refers to courses that lead to a recognised qualification either from a University, TAFE College or a Recognised Training Organisation.
Decisions on relevancy of the course are to be made by the staff members Supervisor and supported by the Unit head, with advice from the Director, Office of Organisational Development or the Director, Office of Learning and Teaching, where necessary.

What sorts of expenses may I claim?

An Education Support Allowance is payable where a staff member incurs self-education expenses  for approved study.
The allowance may include reimbursement of costs or contribution towards costs incurred for approved course fees, books, materials, compulsory fees and/or equipment essential to completion of a course or subject.

What if I have been directed to undertake a course in order to do my job?

Where a staff member is formally directed to undertake a course essential for the conduct of their current duties (and the requirement is endorsed by the appropriate Dean or Director) the University will meet the full costs associated with the course.

How much Education Support Allowance can I apply for?

The amount of Education Support Allowance available for approved courses will be a reimbursement of up to a maximum of $3,000 per staff member per year, payable upon production of evidence of expenditure incurred. When an employee is enrolled for less than a full academic year or for one subject, the allowance is a maximum of $1,500. These amounts will be reviewed periodically. Please refer to the Education Support Allowance Schedule.
This will apply to full-time or part-time staff.

How is this paid?

All payments for Education Support are made through the payroll and tax deducted as per PAYG.
If a study expense is tax exempt, the staff member should claim the deduction when completing a tax return.

Are there any circumstances where I would have to pay the allowance back?

As long as the payment has been made in accordance with the Professional Development Policy, the allowance is not repayable. However, an Education Support Allowance will be granted only once in respect of a subject.
Where a staff member fails a subject, no further support will be granted for that subject unless there are exceptional circumstances (e.g. the experience of significant loss, psychiatric illness etc). For exceptional circumstances, submission of details to the Director/Dean will be required by the staff member.

How do I apply for the allowance and study leave?

In the first place, discuss with your supervisor or manager. Then complete the following form/s:

Who approves the allowance?

The Divisional Head/ Portfolio Head, Dean, or Director on a recommendation from the Manager of your organisational unit.

Who pays for it?

The School / Divisional area will bear the cost.

Where can I get further information?

Please refer to the Western Sydney University Professional Development Policy or contact your HR Business Advisor from the Office of Human Resources.