Courses and training programs

The Organisational and Career Development Program reflects the University's ongoing commitment to developing a high quality workforce by providing relevant and value-adding career development opportunities to develop staff capabilities in key impact areas of the University's strategic plan. The Program offers a diverse suite of workplace specific, job relevant, practical and skills-based courses to support your career development at Western Sydney University.

The full range of courses and training programs are organised in the following topic areas:

Orientation and induction for new staff

Western Sydney University offers a range of online and face-to-face training programs that contribute to the orientation and induction process, designed to introduce new staff to the University.

The one-day Orientation for New Staff session provides an overview of the University, its history and growth, strategic directions, and governance and management structure. There is also a mandatory online orientation course, as well as a range of other training programs to introduce new staff members to the University's career development processes, work health and safety responsibilities, and essential computer systems.

Essential courses for new staff include:

  • Orientation for New Staff (face-to-face)
  • Orientation for New Employees (online)
  • Equal Opportunity (online)
  • WHS Modules 1 - 5 (Orientation, Risk Management, Office Safety, Manual Tasks and Hazardous Chemicals)
  • Privacy at Western Sydney University (online)
  • Introduction to Work Planning and Career Development (online)
  • TRIM Basic

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More Information

Helpful information, to assist staff in their first 12 months, can be found on the Induction and Orientation page.    

For Academic Staff

All full-time Associate Lecturers and Senior Lecturers who are new to teaching should complete The Foundations Program which is offered twice a year. The key concepts taught in the program are student-focused teaching, constructive alignment and reflective practice.

The Library provides support and training in Turnitin, Citing Resources, EndNote 10 and Refworks. More information is available on the Library (opens in a new window) website.

For Managers

Complete the online module Inducting Your Staff in MyCareer Online to review what items managers need to cover with new staff.

The Manager and Supervisor Toolkit also provides essential resources for starting out as a manager.

Career development

Western Sydney University encourages its staff to actively plan their careers and engage in career and professional development activities that will enhance their career prospects and job progression or promotion.

The career development courses are intended for staff who wish to proactively develop and manage their career at the University. A range of career development opportunities, services and benefits are also provided to assist staff to build upon their capacity, skills and professionalism, contributing to the University's strategic priorities and core and support activities.

Programs include:

  • Academic Mentoring
  • Business and Report Writing
  • Career Development for Academic Staff (online)
  • Career Development for Professional Staff (online)
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Changing Gears: Engaging in Challenging Conversations
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Compass: Completing your Self Review, Creating your Objectives
  • Customer Service and Professional Communication
  • Foundations of University Learning and Teaching (FULT)
  • Getting your Message Across
  • Job application and Interview Skills
  • Meetings and Minutes
  • Presentation Skills
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Tools for Personal Productivity
  • Winning Strategies for a New Job
  • Working with Emotional Intelligence

For more information on career development opportunities, visit the Career Development Opportunities page. For course information and registration, go to MyCareer Online.

Organisational knowledge and policies

These courses and training programs designed to build your knowledge and understanding of legal obligations impacting your work, the application of a range of University policies and procedures and to enhance your effectiveness in University administration:

  • Academic Integration Plans (online)
  • Bullying Awareness Information Sessions
  • Campus Safety & Security Emergency Response Training
  • Conflict of Interest (online)
  • Demystifying Contracts
  • Financial Framework Process
  • Influencing Climate Change (online)
  • International Student Compliance
  • Introduction to Research Ethics
  • Managing Small Projects
  • Procurement
  • TEMS
  • WHS
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Leadership and management development

The University recognises the talents of our people and is committed to developing the capabilities and skills of our managers and leaders. The leadership and management development program is underpinned by our Leadership Values and a framework that reflects the essential leadership capabilities, attributes and behaviours a contemporary leader needs to be effective and successful in their leadership role.

The Leadership and management development program aligns to the University's Core Capabilities: achieves results; exemplifies personal drive and integrity; cultivates productive working relationships; empowers others; and shapes strategic thinking.

Our programs include:

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Diversity and wellbeing

The diversity and wellbeing courses look at the value of a diverse and harmonious workplace, acknowledging that to be productive and happy we need to take care of ourselves and others to create work life balance and a culture of civility and respect.

The diversity and wellbeing topic area brings together not only the Organisational Development Consultants, but many of our partners, both internal and external, to present a range of courses covering cross cultural communication; the development of academic integration plans; support for students and staff at risk; exploring wellbeing; as well as stress and time management.

Programs include:

  • Ally Training
  • Equal Opportunity (online)
  • Managing Stress and Achieving Work/Life Balance
  • Managing Yourself Through Change
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • No Nastiness Please - We're at Work
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention

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Computer software and systems training

The Office of People and Success offers a range of computer software and system courses specific to the University's standard operating environment, both online and face-to-face.These courses are designed to broaden your skills, knowledge and effectiveness and enhance your confidence and capabilities with our computer systems and software programs.

Courses include:

  • Callista Fundamentals (online)
  • iProcurement Modules (Getting Started, Approver and Requisitioner - online)
  • Oracle Financials Modules (Getting Started, General Ledger and Reporting and Journal Entries - online)
  • RecordKeeping and You (online)
  • Sharepoint Online for Site Owners Level 1 (workshop)
  • TEMS - Travel Expense Management System (online)
  • TM1 Budgeting and Forecasting (online)
  • TRIM Records Management (workshop)

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Please note that your Western Account must be activated before attending computer training so that you can log in and use the computers in the computer labs. Remember to bring your username and password to the course.

A wide range of How-to Resources are also available to allow self-paced learning and trouble shooting.

Online learning for Staff

Talent and Leadership Development facilitates the provision of online learning via MyCareer Online. This means that online courses are available from a central location at any time, with all content being searchable and easily accessible, and ensuring that each activity is recorded in your personal training record. These online courses have been developed by TLD, other units within the University, and external organisations. To see the full list, go to the 'Learning' tab in MyCareer Online, click 'Browse Courses and Training Programs' and then in the menu on the left, under 'Type', select the 'Online' icon.

System Requirements

To access MyCareer Online you will need a PC/laptop, internet access and a supported web browser. The web browser currently supported is Internet Explorer.

Networks and Forums

Networking facilitates career growth. The benefits of networking include raising your profile, providing access to opportunities, exchanging ideas and information, strengthening relationships and gaining advice and support.

Networks and Forums provide an opportunity to discuss, network and share information relevant to a specific role. These meetings also provide an opportunity for professional development specifically aimed at certain roles.

Our Networks and Forums include:

  • Administrators Network
  • Ally Network
  • Early-Mid Career Academic Network
  • Projects Network
  • TEMS Forum
  • TRIM User Forum

For further information and registration, search the titles in MyCareer Online.

The Organisational and Career Development Program provides information on a range of professional and career development programs and workshops available to all staff. To view a full listing of our Programs, go to MyCareer Online via Staff Online (opens in a new window)

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Course Locations

Unless otherwise stated most programs are located at Frogmore House, Building AA,Werrington North campus

Courses may also be provided at other locations. The Staff IT Lab at Frogmore House is located on the first floor. If you require disabled access or have special requirements, please advise so that alternate arrangements can be made.

For more information, contact Talent and Leadership Development.