Courses and Programs

Most registrations for our development opportunities occur via MyCareer Online, including New Staff Orientation and full access to LinkedIn Learning.

Some programs may require nomination or expression of interest prior to registration. In these instances, the Organisational Development team will communicate the opening of these opportunities via the appropriate platforms.

Managers and supervisors can also refer to the  Manager and Supervisor Toolkit, designed to assist them in their leadership and management role.

To view our current programs visit the Career Development Opportunities page

How to Register

For registration via MyCareer Online:

  1. Go to Staff OnLine and select MyCareer Online (pop ups must be allowed).
  2. On the MyCareer Online home page, use the search field in the top right-hand corner, to search for the development opportunity using a keyword or part of the title.
  3. From the search results, click on the title of the development opportunity you are interested in and follow the prompts.

Registration for some programs require supervisor approval. In this case, the supervisor will be sent an email seeking approval for the registration to be completed.

Supervisors can also assign training to their reports. To do so, supervisors need to click on the Assign button on MyCareer Online.

For development opportunities requiring nomination or expression of interest, these forms will be provided separately in the call-out.

Cancelling a Registration

If unable to attend a live workshop or course, staff are encouraged to cancel their registration via MyCareer Online and as soon as possible Alternatively, notify the Organisational Development team by email.