Studying successfully online

Studying online is a different experience from attending lectures on campus, and you need to be motivated and good at organising your time.

You can develop good study habits to support your online learning using our Study Smart resources. The resources listed below will be particularly helpful for you to develop these skills and habits.

Study Smart Online

Access information about Study Smart Online

You can make use of free personalised academic literacy support online, with online chat and an assignment feedback service.

Digital literacy

Access Digital Literacy page

Learning online is the perfect environment to develop your digital literacy skills.

Information skills

Access Successful Searching online tutorials

Learn how to find, evaluate, and manage all the information you need for your assignments.

Note-taking resources

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Taking notes will help you focus on the lectures as you listen to them online. Find note-taking tips here.

Time management resources

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Time management is probably one of the most important skills for studying successfully online. Get practical advice here.

Being a successful student online

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Download guide on preparing to participate in class

Preparing to participate

Whether your lecture is on campus or online, you'll get the most out of it if you're well prepared.

Download online participation guide

Online participation

Make sure you're aware of 'netiquette', good principles for appropriate online communication.

Download active listening guide

Active listening

It's easy to get distracted when listening to your lectures online. Build your skills in active listening to make the most of your listening time.

Download goal setting guide

Setting goals

If you set goals for your study, you'll become more organised, motivated and productive.

Download tracking your progress guide

Tracking your progress

Stay motivated by keeping track of how you're going.

Download guide to communicating with staff through emails

Communicating with staff through emails

Top tips for communicating effectively with your teachers by email.

Download guide on starting and managing a study group

Starting and managing a study group

You don't have to be on campus to build a learning community with your peers.

Download guide on learning from feedback

Learning from feedback

Feedback on your learning is just as important (maybe even more!) for online learning as it is for learning on campus.

Drop into a campus library (opens in a new window) and ask Library staff or chat with an Online Librarian (opens in a new window) or ask a study expert.