Doctor Jasbeer Musthafa Mamalipurath

Doctor Jasbeer Musthafa Mamalipurath

Casual Research Officer - Young People Supporting Others through Mental Ill Health,
Young and Resilient Research Centre

ICS Casual Communications Officer - Web Maintenance and Communications Work,
Institute for Culture and Society


Jasbeer’s research sits at the intersection of digital media, communications, social exclusion, and religion. The current focus of his work centres on the potential role of new media technologies and digital narratives in diversity and community inclusion, with a particular interest in the role of digital storytelling in combating dis/misinformation and marginalisation. He is eager to collaborate on critical research on digital media that can creatively think through issues of marginalization, disinformation, and digital harms as well as the potentiality of digital engagements. He is currently working on three ARC Linkage projects at the Institute, in capacities as - research officer, research assistant. He has worked across a number of roles including Research Officer – Impact. Jasbeer has significant experience in developing research impact strategy and conducting engaged research. Jasbeer also has over a decade professional experience as journalist, technical writer, and communications officer in Australia and abroad.

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  • PhD Western Sydney University
  • MSc(Comms) Bangalore University
  • BSc University of Calicut

Professional Memberships

  • International Society for the Sociology of Religion (2017 - 2018)
  • Association of Internet Researchers (2022 - 2023)
  • The Australian Sociological Association (2021 - 2022)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Young and Resilient Research Centre
  • Institute for Culture and Society


Phone: (02) 9683 8166
Location: EQ.01.09

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 101612 Identity and Belonging, 2018
  • 101900 Working with Communities, 2017
  • CULT1020 Working with Communities, 2018
  • CULT1020 Working with Communities, 2019
  • CULT3016 Indigenous Cultures: A Global Perspective, 2019
  • CULT3016 Indigenous Cultures: A Global Perspective, 2020
  • CULT3016 Indigenous Cultures: A Global Perspective, 2021
  • SS101A Understanding Society, 2018
  • SS101A Understanding Society, 2019
  • SS101A Understanding Society, 2020
  • SS101A Understanding Society, 2021


Journal Articles

  • Mamalipurath, J. and Notley, T. (2022), 'Muslim responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in Western Sydney : understanding the role of community-specific communication infrastructure', Journal of Intercultural Studies, vol 43, no 6 , pp 740 - 757.
  • Mamalipurath, J. (2022), 'When Islam goes to TED : features of a postsecular storytelling on Islam in new media', Contemporary Islam, vol 16 , pp 155 - 171.
  • Mamalipurath, J. (2021), 'Postsecular rhetoric of the Pope : a discourse analysis of Pope Francis' TED talks', Church, Communication and Culture, vol 6, no 2 , pp 250 - 266.
  • Mamalipurath, J. (2020), 'John Oddo, The Discourse of Propaganda: Case Studies from the Persian Gulf War and the War on Terror', Discourse and Communication, vol 14, no 1 , pp 106 - 109.
  • Mamalipurath, J. (2020), 'Enqi Weng, Media Perceptions of Religious Changes in Australia: Of Dominance and Diversity', Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture, vol 9, no 3 , pp 385 - 388.
  • Mamalipurath, J. (2014), 'Mediation and Muhammad's Message : characteristics of online Islamic evangelism consumed by Indian youth', Malaysian Journal of Media Studies, vol 16, no 1 , pp 13 - 24.

Other Publications

  • 2023, 'Examining the Problem of Misinformation among the Indian Diaspora in Australia', Report
  • 2022, 'Advancing Digital Inclusion in Low Income Australian Families: Interim Findings Report', Report
  • 2022, 'Being There: Young People Supporting Their Friends through Tough Times', Report

Previous Projects

Title: Community Cohesive Collective Trust Project
  • Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre LTD
Western Researchers: Heather Horst, Sukhmani Khorana, Jasbeer Musthafa Mamalipurath, Karen Soldatic and Liam Magee
Years: 2022-03-28 - 2022-06-30
ID: P00027843

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