Our Past

Prior to the unification of the three member institutions that made up the University of Western Sydney, the UWS Macarthur campus had a thriving Staff Social Club which organised functions and activities for the benefit of their members.

In 2004 the then Vice Chancellor, Professor Janice Reid, identified the valuable contribution that the Macarthur Club made to the morale of staff on that campus and expressed a desire to leverage this experience across the unified campuses of UWS.

The Macarthur Club President Ms Kellie Anne McNamara and Treasurer, Mr Charles Noonan were invited to join the steering committee for the new UWS Staff Social Club INC. (UWSSC Inc). In December 2004 members of the Macarthur Club voted to dissolve that club and to join the new UWSSSC Inc.

The new club was to be managed by an executive committee made up of two representatives from each of the six campus committees that were to be formed and a formal constitution adopted.

Professor Reid provided a 'seed' grant of $12,000 to establish the new club.

Fees for the Club were set at $2.00 per week and have not increased since.

Over the years Kellie and Charles have continued to serve on the club executive and have proudly reported to each Annual General Meeting that all monies received from members in any one year have been expended in providing benefits to them.

Throughout the past decade the 'original' seed grant has been retained and grown by careful investment whilst conducting events on most campuses.

Staff have enjoyed a number of member benefits , including a monthly birthday club with one lucky birthday being drawn to receive a $20 gift card. Theatre parties have been arranged with group discounts obtained and one lucky member has the chance to win their ticket price back. Other events have included a ladies race day, group discount for tickets to the Stitches and Craft Expo to name just a few. On campus functions have been arranged sometimes in conjunction with the Campus Life Committee for the benefit of members, colleagues and students.

The annual end of year celebration has always been well supported with 100+ members and guests attending (members for free and partner's tickets subsidised by the club as well). In the most recent years ticket prices have been in the vicinity of $135 (not bad when a full year fees are only $104)

Our Future

Whilst some campus committees have waxed and waned over the past decade it only takes a few committed people on a campus to get activities going. The executive committee have supported almost every proposal made by a campus group and ensured that they have the resources to make their event happen.

The future is bright with a strong membership base and the calendar of events being regularly reviewed to reflect the wishes of our members – WATCH THIS SPACE!

The options for events are as broad as your imagination, if you can think of it we will see if like minded people would like us to organise it.

The only way to take advantage of it is become a member – So why not join today