Project OP3: Dynamic Behaviour of Elasto Plastic Concrete Transom on Railway Bridge Components

PhD Candidate
Ms. Dayani Nayantha
Chair SupervisorCo-SupervisorCo-Supervisor
Dr. Olivia MirzaA/Prof. Fidelis MashiriMr. Todd Clarke

This research aims at investigating dynamic behavior of the synthetic fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) transom on rail way bridge components.

This project will explore the sustainable options for railway sleepers to cater the high-speed rail way network, as timber sleepers and concrete sleepers turn out to be unsustainable options. The existing sleeper options will be compared against SFRC sleepers in terms of structural performance under high impact dynamic loading. Material properties and real-time behavioral properties of SFRC transoms will be obtained through extensive experimental programs and sophisticated finite element analysis.

This project will provide an insight of the mechanical behavior of the SFRC subjected to dynamic loading which is a grey area for the time being. Having this insight, it is expected to explore and review the current design guidelines for SFRC sleepers, thus leading the practical design guidelines for the new material. This will open the horizons of the concrete industry to be sustainable while catering the high-tech demands.

Industry Partners

  • BarChip Australia Pty Ltd.

Sources of Funding

  • ARC Industry Transformation Centre for Rail Australia