Project 5: Developing a Methodology for Integrating Blockchain Data with BIM for Construction Supply Chains

PhD Candidate
Mr. Amer Hijazi
Chair SupervisorCo-SupervisorCo-Supervisor
Prof. Srinath PereraDr. Rodrigo CalheirosDr. Ali Al-Ashwal

In the construction industry, where there is a complex structure and fragmented supply chain, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has played a key role in enabling integrated practice as a vital collaborative information model. However, construction supply chain (CSC) data are mostly stored in a BIM model by one actor and that could lead to dispute among CSC’s stakeholders, whereas the process involves tens of sub-contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. Thus, introducing new mechanisms to facilitate trust will enhance collaboration between the CSC’s stakeholders to agree on one single source of truth (SSoT). Thus, it is argued that, the integration of BIM and blockchain has the potential to respond to some of the issues discouraging the industry to use BIM as SSoT. Blockchain is a technology used in cases where stakeholders do not necessarily trust each other. This technology has the potential to reduce the “trust gap” by making data transactions independently verifiable among project stakeholders through robust cryptographic mechanisms. Integration of blockchain with BIM has the potential to enhance the efficiency of compliance processes for a BIM handover model. Efficiency can be achieved by enabling auditability and transparency of the CSC data to agree on SSoT. The research aims to develop an incubation ready software prototype for a methodology to integrate the CSC data operating in a blockchain platform with BIM for building and/or infrastructure projects.

Industry Partners

  • Lendlease
  • Roberts Pizzarotti