Project 10: Holistic Framework for Mental Health Management for Project Management Professionals in AEC Organizations

PhD Candidate
Bashir Tijani
Chair SupervisorCo-Supervisor
Assoc. Prof. Xiaohua JinDr Robert Osei-Kyei

Today, poor mental health among Australian Project management professionals (PMPs) stimulated a greater concern among researchers, politician and practitioners because of the paucity of a holistic framework for mental health management. Mental ill-health issues among PMPs is consequential as mental ill-health imposing social and economic burden on Australia government and construction communities. The situation in Australia is acute, with no indication of situation improvement as a growing attention diverted to construction frontline workers, leaving mental health of PMPs underexamined. As mental health problems continue to escalate, management of mental health of PMPs in a broader term becomes a matter of urgency. Tackling the problems involved an exploration of extant mental health management strategies to formulate a significant problem, which guides the development of holistic mental health management framework for PMPs in AEC organizations, managing includes identifying, assessing, analysing, controlling and monitoring of management practices. Therefore, this research aims to develop a holistic mental health management system to monitor, measure, assess and improve the mental health of PMPs working in Australia AEC organizations. This study adopted integration of organizational science theories, mental health theory and swisse cheese model to achieve the aim of the research.

The research outcome would contribute to body of knowledge theoretically by extending mental health theories in AEC organizations. To the practitioners, it would generate management strategies to boost mental health of PMPs workers who play a vital role in construction project delivery. Lastly, the study would assist policy makers to understand indicators for assessing the performance of AEC organization in promoting mental health of PMPs.

Industry Partners

  • Western Sydney University Postgraduate Scholarship


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