Liquid Waste Management in the Construction Projects


The c4SMC received AU$16,500 as funding from Geosentinel Australia Pty Ltd. (Washbox- Equipment Wash Station) to conduct an industry-related research project titled ‘Liquid waste management in the construction projects’.

Construction projects consume a considerable amount of water and at the same time, they generate liquid waste/wastewater from the tool washing and cleaning process. Discharging liquid waste to the environment without proper management and treatment is harmful to the environment and human health as it pollutes the groundwater and the ground soil. Fewer studies have paid attention to explore liquid waste management (LWM) practices and the implications of sustainable LWM practices in the construction sector in Australia. In this context, this project aims to investigate the current practice of LWM and treatment including the legislative requirements related to LWM in construction projects. This research identifies the practice of LWM in construction projects through the analysis of expert user views while providing an account of legislation relent. It also analyses the water use and water-saving potential when sustainable LWM practices are adopted. Apparently, it underlines issues related to LWM and provides indicators that can be considered for the Green Rating of buildings. It also highlights the benefits of LWM and quantifies water savings that can be achieved in typical construction projects.

Project Team

Chief Investigators:

Professor Srinath Perera


Associate Professor Mary Hardie


Shiyamini Ratnasabapathy

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