The Centre for Smart Modern Construction at Western Sydney University - officially launched

Industry Engagement is at the heart of this initiative. Western Sydney is set to be Australia's construction hot-spot for the next 20-years. c4SMC will create a hub for Smart Modern Construction research, new academic leadership in modern construction, a source of future ready graduates and Western Sydney industry capability building.

Collaboration amongst all of the industry's stakeholders will be the the driver of the recurrent $4 million investment, that will be sought and directed to;

  • Undergraduate scholarships aimed at attracting the best emerging construction talent
  • New Smart Modern Construction orientated research
  • Inviting leading international modern construction academics to take up short term visiting engagements to transfer their insights directly into the university's Construction Management program and c4SMC investor enterprises
  • Funding study tours for Western Sydney academics to see first hand what is happening in modern construction academia and industry, globally
  • Establishment of a live construction site where the university and industry can demonstrate leading edge construction methods, technology and innovation

The c4SMC will enable organisations and businesses who see themselves as part of delivering Western Sydney's built future to invest in developing the capabilities the industry will need. c4SMC will establish an important networking hub that will help local and international enterprises to demonstrate their ability to play a role in a Smart Modern Western Sydney construction industry. This collaboration will involve;

  • Real Estate Executives, Owners and Developers
  • Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals
  • Manufactures and Suppliers wanting to become the foundation of new off-site construction manufactures that feed into modern construction and buildings
  • Technology, Software, Data and IoT professionals who want collaborative exposure to the University's Academics, Researchers, Undergraduates and local industry
  • Government, Financial Institutions, Insurers, International Trade and Certification Organisations who have an interest in modern construction assurance leadership
  • Specialist construction industry service providers including Business Consultants Lawyers, Accountants, Talent Searchers, Industry Associations and Media
  • Universities, Educators and Researchers from Australia and Internationally wanting to join the c4SMC collaboration and contribute to building Western Sydney

The c4SMC aims to engage over 100 small, medium and large enterprises to make contributions commensurate with the scale of their operation. Small and medium sized enterprises dominate the Western Sydney industry. Many will be the leaders and industry success stories of tomorrow. Their support will enable important investment in the Western Sydney construction economy and beyond. These contributions will underpin achievements that would not have been possible by any investor or the university alone. c4SMC will establish recurrent funding that underpins significant short and long term strategies to be initiated with the confidence that the industry is engaged, committed and assures investment certianty. This investment will deliver payback.

An active industry engagement and benefits strategy has already been developed. It involves many opportunities for investors to be part of c4SMC. Key benefits include;

  • Regular engagement with Western Sydney University's Construction Management and related discipline academics, researchers and undergraduates
  • Involvement in reviewing and implementing the c4SMC investment strategy,
  • Having positive visible recognition for contributing to the local industry,
  • Access to visiting academics and consultant insight into modern construction
  • Ability to network with leading modern construction organisations locally and internationally with special emphasis on sharing experiences and market access

c4SMC has close to $400,000 in formally committed industry investment since the formal launch in August. The goal is to lift that commitment to $1,500,000 this financial year. There are many exciting initiatives and collaboration opportunities already taking shape. c4SMC is a unique initiative that can deliver long term Smart Modern Construction leadership. Investors will mostly be able to have their contributions tax deductible as over 80-percent of the investments will be research related. Importantly, that research will be industry funded and led. Tremendous leverage will be possible as a result. This will include attracting complimentary investment that has wide industry value. While the c4SMC initiative has modest beginnings it will deliver lasting returns.

We would be delighted to share with your organisation more detail on c4SMC.

Written by:
David Chandler OAM
Adjunct Professor at Western Sydney University
10 September 2017