Smart Buildings, Resilience, User integration, Big-Data, Traceability & Assurance, Construction, energy and Effectiveness the keywords of today

Builtworlds's conference next week shows how industry worldwide is taking hold of the global construction agenda. Their Building 2.0 conference in Chicago is not dissimilar to the conversations that will be shared at this week's PrefabAUS conference in Melbourne. Industry leaders gathering to to share their intel on why the modern construction era is now re-defining the wasteful and uncertain traditional past.

A link to the PrefabAUS conference is also provided to show the complementarity of thinking and action amongst global construction leaders. Today the UK's Mark Farmer will present his insights into his report on the UK Construction Industry's future and imperative to change - Modernise of Die. Other speakers today;

  • Nick Carter from Tesla - solar batters solutions set to spark the construction sector
  • George Quezada from CSIRO - Navigating digital disruption and global change
  • Adam Strong from Strongbuild - optimising the selection of off-site inputs
  • Pamela Bell from PrefabNZ - Prefab an International and Australian perspective
  • Stanislav Martinec from KOMA (Czech Republic) - Modularity for a future world
  • James Murray-Cook, MCCB - launches the Design for Modular Structures Code
  • David Chuter and Lance Worrall - On their Innovative Manufacturing CRC

Visit the PrefabAUS conference 2017 (opens in a new window) website.

Six themes for the Buildings 2.0 conference.

  • Resiliency and sustainability
  • Resource and material efficiency
  • Building performance and wellness
  • Cost and speed to market
  • Agility and adaptability
  • Data and intelligence

Visit the Buildings 2.0 conference 2017 (opens in a new window) website.

Written by:
David Chandler OAM
Adjunct Professor at Western Sydney University
11 September 2017