Digital Construction Meet up: Sydney

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Prof. Srinath Perera presented an enlightening presentation on ‘Industry 4.0 Tech for the Built Environment’ on 30th May 2019 at the ‘Digital Construction Meetup’. Professor. Perera highlighted the innovations of Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0 along with Construction 1.0 to Construction 4.0. Further, he discussed the research projects carried out at the Centre for Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC), which are mainly focused on blockchain and other smart technological areas that are resolving the current issues identified by the construction industry itself.

Digital Construction Meetup was organised by Built in their new digital transformation space in Sydney while the event was hosted by Sujeet Rana, Chief Digital Officer at Built. The Meetup was a great networking opportunity to discuss the impacts of digital disruption on the construction industry with the practitioners in the built environment. Prof. Srinath Perera along with few other doctoral researchers, representing the c4SMC participated for this great opportunity to network and discuss their research projects. These projects are directly in line with the digital and modern construction whereas the sole purpose of this meetup was networking, sharing knowledge and experience.

Later on William Payne, Chief Information Officer of Boral explained their latest concept of hosting along with other partners, such as Built, Google among others, the first ‘Construction Hackathon: Construckathon’ in Sydney on 23rd and 24th August 2019. It will be a great platform bringing together leading construction industry builders, consultants, subcontractors, developers and suppliers to develop solutions to resolve construction problems. The next Digital Construction Meet up is to be held in July, for which the researchers and academic staff are eagerly waiting.