In any emergency, please call 000.

Western is committed to safer communities.

We believe survivors. Sexual and gendered violence is unacceptable and we're here to help.

Please report when it is safe to do so. A support service (opens in a new window)can help you with this.

How to report

There are several different options for reporting sexual or gendered violence. Please use the one that suits you.

1. In any emergency, call 000 (Police, Ambulance, Fire)

2. Make a report using Western's Sexual Offences Reporting Portal (opens in a new window)

3. Contact Campus Safety and Security (opens in a new window) 24/7

For privacy information on contacting a Western service, please see below.

4. Contact NSW Police (non-emergency)

What will happen to your personal information?

The University has obligations under the Privacy and Personal Information Act, 1998 (NSW) (PPIP Act) to ensure that private and personal information is kept safe and is only disclosed where authorised. Staff who are aware of another person's personal information must comply with the PPIP Act by only collecting relevant information and limiting access to authorised persons.

However, under certain circumstances, NSW privacy laws do allow that personal information may need to be disclosed where there is a serious and imminent threat to the health or life of a person, or for law enforcement purposes.

For more information, visit the Complaints Management and Resolution page (opens in a new window)