International students

You have the right to be safe

Studying in Australia brings new experiences. Sometimes, things can go wrong. If they do, we encourage you to seek help.

In Australia, you have a right to be safe and seek confidential support.

Your student visa, grades or employment are not affected if you are a victim of crime.

Resources in various languages (opens in a new window)

In an emergency, call NSW Police on 000. Campus Safety and Security (opens in a new window) are always available on 1300 737 003.

The University Counselling Service (opens in a new window) provides free and confidential support for all Western students. Call 1300 668 370.

What are sexual offences?

Sexual offences mean sexual behaviour which make a person feel threatened, uncomfortable, unsafe or fearful. Sexual offences are not acceptable at Western Sydney University and are usually crimes. The Police and Western Sydney University support victims of sexual offences. As a victim of crime, it is not your fault. We believe survivors.

We know this and we are here to help. Please let us help you.