In the media

29 June 2020

Researchers from NICM Health Research Institute have featured in media over the last three months covering research topics from wellbeing and health in a pandemic, yoga and mental health, medicinal cannabis, endometriosis, diet and depression, and kava.

Key highlights include:

  • In April, Dr Carolyn Ee wrote an opinion piece in the RACGP’s NewsGP exploring health and wellbeing amidst a pandemic.
  • Dr Joseph Firth’s past paper on diet and depression featured in a story about how to boost your mood, published in April across The Huffington Post Australia, Yahoo! News UK and MSN Health UK.
  • Justin Sinclair spoke in April with Dr Natasha Andreadis and her podcast the Fanny Mechanic, talking in depth about the complexity of medicinal cannabis, from the plant itself, to access in Australia, and his current PhD project looking into cannabis and pain in endometriosis.
  • At the start of May, Dr Mike Armour and Justin Sinclair spoke with Cairns Post health reporter, Pete Martinelli, regarding endometriosis and the use of cannabis as a treatment and their current research underway. The story appeared in Cairns Post, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail, The Mercury,, The Advertiser, and the Geelong Advertiser.
  • Associate Professor Genevieve Steiner's NHMRC grant success was covered in May by Mirage News, Seniors and LabOnline.
  • Also, in May Dr Joseph Firth’s co-authored paper on yoga and mental health was featured across international media outlets such as New York Post (USA), Fox News (USA), Psych Central (USA), The Indian Express (India), Suara (Indonesia), Manila Metro News (Philippines), Medical Xpress (UK), Beijing News (China) and locally in titles such as Body+Soul, Whimm, Manly Australia, Canberra Times, Canberra Weekly and Daily Mail Australia.
  • In June, Associate Professor Jennifer Hunter spoke with The Medical Republic about the rise of IV iron therapy.
  • Dr Mike Armour and his current trial underway investigating Chinese herbal medicine and endometriosis featured this month also across news titles, such as The Advertiser, Cairns Post, Herald Sun, NTNews, Courier-Mail, Geelong Advertiser, The Mercury, and The Daily Telegraph.
  • Last week, Professor Jerome Sarris spoke with ABC Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program about Kava research and the current evidence and also where more research is needed.