Western joins James Martin Institute for Public Policy

Western Sydney University has been named a founding member of the James Martin Institute for Public Policy, officially launched this month. The Institute has been established through a generous endowment from the NSW Government, alongside funding from co-founding institutes the University of Sydney and University of Technology, Sydney.

This ground-breaking government-university partnership will transform how public policy is made in NSW and beyond.

With a bold and altruistic mission, the NSW Government has come together in partnership with a group of universities, to create an independent, enduring public policy institute that will solve complex public policy challenges through smart collaborations that harness world-leading research. Whether it is about jobs for the future, planning and infrastructure, or empowering communities, the James Martin Institute will bring policy makers, academics, industry and community groups together to identify solutions that will benefit the people of NSW and beyond.

Western Sydney University Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Barney Glover AO, said “Western Sydney University is proud to support the establishment of the James Martin Institute. We thank the NSW Government for its commitment to this important public policy initiative, along with the support of our university partners. Collaboration and innovation are powerful characteristics of university research, and the James Martin Institute will be defined by novel ways to address problems and generate long-lasting solutions. Through collaboration and co-design, government, policy makers and universities will come together to translate world-leading research into practical outcomes that will have real, transformational impact in the communities we serve.”

The Hon. Dom Perrottet MP, Treasurer of NSW, said “the Government is a proud partner and supporter of the James Martin Institute for Public Policy, and we welcome its independent and distinguished Board. We look forward to the practical benefits this ground-breaking policy institute will deliver for the people of NSW. Through this model, we will see NSW leading the world in our capacity to harness academic expertise to inform public policy for the good of society.”

The Hon. Rob Stokes MP, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, widely recognised as the architect of the Institute, said “the NSW Government is proud to have initiated the James Martin Institute for Public Policy and to offer our ongoing support. This independent Institute will harness leading academic expertise in the consideration of major social and economic issues, and we look forward to its contribution to public policy in this state and beyond. I am delighted to see the original concept for the Institute come to fruition and I look forward to seeing how this will improve the lives of people across NSW.”

The Hon. Chris Minns MP, NSW Labor Leader, said “we are delighted to support a non-aligned public policy institute for NSW and we look forward to harnessing the research and expert advice of academics as we grapple with the increasingly complicated social and economic issues.”

Dr Patricia Azarias, Chair of the Institute’s Board, said “the non-aligned James Martin Institute for Public Policy aims to be a catalyst bringing together policy makers, academic specialists and outside experts in a consultative, collaborative model that taps into the best each has to offer. We will use this synergy to develop practical solutions to current social and economic issues, and to become a thought leader for the concerns of the future.”

Libby Hackett, CEO of the James Martin Institute, said that “it’s our approach that is transformational. By bringing world-leading researchers together with expert policy makers and other stakeholders, we can deliver solutions that are deeply pragmatic and achievable across a wide range of issues such as housing, healthcare, sustainability, skills, infrastructure or job creation.”

University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Mark Scott AO, said “universities and governments share a commitment to the public good and a desire to transform and improve the lives of individuals and of society. Whilst it is in the DNA of any university to engage with government, industry and the community through the application of research, the James Martin Institute provides an opportunity to transform this relationship; bringing us into close working partnerships around the most pressing public policy issues facing NSW and others. We also look forward to welcoming other university partners as we develop.”

UTS Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Attila Brungs, said “public policy making is evolving to match society’s increasing complexity. By partnering academics with policy makers and stakeholders, we can help to overcome complex policy challenges and deliver long-lasting public good. This venture is built on a genuine commitment and excitement about what can be achieved through collaboration with our other university partners and with government. We commend the NSW Government for its commitment to improving the mechanisms for evidence-based policies and programs that will bring practical benefits for our community.”

For further information, visit www.jamesmartininstitute.org.au or contact info@jmi.org.au


12 August 2021

Media Unit