New book: Performance management key to medical exam success

Leading performance psychologist, Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Patsy Tremayne, from Western Sydney University’s School of Social Science and Psychology, is using her expertise to help address the psychological distress experienced by many medical professionals undergoing exams through her new book, Ace Your Medical Exams.

Dr Tremayne’s expertise in performance management led her to work with doctors and students across Australia and New Zealand who are sitting medical exams while juggling their careers, personal lives and the realities of being a medical professional.

“Long hours and shift work and the pressures of study and exams leads to constant feelings of exhaustion and distress among many registrars,” said Dr Tremayne.

“By using the performance management strategies outlined in my book, medical professionals can learn how to purposefully and systematically practice to improve their learning and retention skills.”

Dr Tremayne believes that performance psychologists can make a positive contribution to the culture of medicine.

“Given the right strategies and support, medical professionals will over time develop a mental toughness and an ability to be resilient, focused and perform under pressure in exams.”

For more information on Ace Your Medical Exams, visit Dr Tremayne’s website (opens in a new window).


17 June 2019

Ali Sardyga, Media Officer