Western Sydney University launches new Centre for Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC)

Western Sydney University has established a Centre for Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC) within the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics as an important and timely initiative which will make the western Sydney constructors future ready.

Director of the new c4SMC, Professor Srinath Perera,(opens in a new window) says as the world enters its fourth Industrial Revolution, a period of rapid transformation of the construction industry is expected and it will significantly impact the Western Sydney region.

"Western Sydney is becoming Australia's construction hot spot – transforming the region into a world-class metropolis," says Professor Perera.

"The planned multibillion dollar investments in the region along with the new Western Sydney airport will drive the local economy and the construction industry in the next decade."

A construction site Offsite bathroom pods for high-rise construction.

Western Sydney University offers a range of established, industry accredited, Built Environment and Construction Management programmes that are producing the next generation of construction industry professionals.

Professor Perera(opens in a new window) says the University's graduates will work on the region's major construction projects over the next two decades, and the c4SMC will be at the forefront of equipping them with the skills they need to adapt and thrive in this changing environment,

The Centre will:

  • Encourage collaboration between the University, Government, Professional bodies and the construction industry.
  • Become the nucleus for research into the latest building and construction practices.
  • Encourage constructors, students, academics and researchers to share innovation and leverage new opportunities.
  • Connect students with employers and industry leaders.

"Our ambition for smart modern construction at Western Sydney University is to bring industry and academia together to collaborate in investigating and translating insights into smart and modern construction that develops evidence based knowledge and applied industry capabilities for the betterment of construction," says Professor Perera.

A suburban construction setting Phil Love from the Centre for Smart Modern Construction at a trade show.

The term "Smart Modern Construction" was coined to reflect construction that embraces smart technologies to develop innovative and performance enhancing construction products, systems and processes. It embraces the major forces transforming the construction industry in Australia and globally:

  • The construction industry fully embracing the digital economy.
  • The Industrialisation of construction's processes and assemblies.
  • The globalisation of construction's supply chains.
  • The global agendas of climate change, resilience and sustainable futures.

The Centre's Industry Engagement Lead, David Chandler OAM, says the c4SMC recognises the convergence of the 'constructing' and 'constructed' world as 'smart construction' becomes 'smart use'.

"The construction industry is moving from traditional onsite construction to predominantly off site construction changing the way buildings are procured and constructed," says Mr Chandler.

"This collaboration offers the future of modern construction in Western Sydney many benefits. It provides an opportunity for industry to help contribute to shaping the future academic and research program at the university. Importantly, this collaboration will benefit the industry's enterprises and future constructors."


27 June 2017

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Background on the Centre for Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC)

Contacts for Centre for SMC at Western Sydney University

Professor Srinath Perera(opens in a new window) PhD FRSN FAIB, Director of Centre for SMC,
Professor of Construction Management and Built Environment at Western Sydney University.
E: Srinath.Perera@westernsydney.edu.au M: +61 439 079749

Adjunct Fellow, David Chandler OAM FAIB, Centre for SMC Industry Engagement Lead
E: d.chandler@westernsydney.edu.au M: +61 418 676896

Contribute via:
https://give.westernsydney.edu.au/smartmodernconstruction(opens in a new window)
Contact: Scott Lyall E: S.Lyall@westernsydney.edu.au M: +61 427 629958